For Immediate Release:
September 23, 2021
Contact: Don Povia

Super Bowl Champion, Former NFL All-Pro, and Golf Enthusiast TJ Ward Partners with Stix Golf
Ward will serve as national spokesperson and creative director focused on live activations and expanding the game and the brand’s imprint in new markets and underserved communities.

ELGIN, IL – Today, Stix Golf announced a creative and collaborative partnership with former NFL safety TJ Ward. Ward, a former second-round draft pick of the Cleveland Browns and Super Bowl winner and All-Pro with the Denver Broncos, will serve as a national spokesperson for the company and be tasked with finding ways to introduce the game via the brand to underserved communities.

Says Ward, “Since my retirement, golf has become a way of life for me.  No other company in the world marries premium quality, elegant style and affordability the way Stix does. I play well and look better swinging Stix clubs.”

In addition to introducing golfers to the brand on courses across the country at tournaments and outings, Ward and Stix will explore ways to introduce the game to a new generation – one mindful of style and affordability – and in urban areas where opportunity and exposure is limited.

Added Ward, “I’m thankful to have partnered with a company whose values, passions, and ambitions align so perfectly with my own.  For a sport traditionally associated with privilege and an older demographic, Stix is bold and unapologetic in being a disruptor in the market.”

Headquartered in the Chicago area, Stix is a Direct to Consumer (DTC) company, with retail pilot programs in the works.  Founded on September 1, 2020, this month Stix celebrated its first birthday. For more information, visit

About Stix Golf
Stix makes modern golf clubs at a fair price, challenging the current culture of over-priced equipment. The company’s design ethos disrupts the traditional look of a golfer, ushering in a modern, minimalist aesthetic, while still providing hardware that performs well and is made with premium materials. By pairing quality equipment at a fair price-point with minimalist designs, Stix is transforming the dated golf industry, creating products that embody the modern golfer and changing the way players experience a round of golf. For more information, please visit, as well as on our social channels, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.