What’s your why?

Before developing a tactical roadmap, Transition works with the client and his or her team to develop a cohesive strategy that starts with answering the question, “WHY?”  Everything we do should have a purpose and desired outcome.  Once we identify your why, Transition will help you implement your what and how.

What we Do

/ Brand Strategy

Most athletes are of the mindset that they are businesses, but few take the time to structure themselves as such.  TSE works with athletes to refine their ideas and develop applicable business models, structure and short and long-term planning.

/ Professional Development

TSE brings together a collection of experts who have each found proven success within their expertise; business & financial acumen, communications, digital marketing, start-up expertise, operational optimization. Our team becomes our client’s team, combined with their inner circle and reinforced by our client advisory board - experienced industry leaders in the athlete’s respective interests.

/ Creators Studio

TSE employs a staff of artists and producers who specialize in videography, editing, audio and podcast production, design and illustration, and digital and web services.

/ Public Relations

TSE develops a coordinated and strategic public relations plan that integrates on- and offline channels, and includes specific goals and objectives that compliment overall outward-facing persona.

/ Community Development

TSE works with clients to identify areas of community and philanthropy that are of interest and importance to them, and determine best courses of action to create regular and substantive actions that will positively impact them.

/ Brand Partnerships

TSE doesn’t just connect our clients with brands, we look for ways to expand upon them. After establishing relationships between our clients and companies and organizations, we leverage the relationships to allow to grow their personal footprint to larger, different, and more diverse audiences.


Creators Studio



Audio + Podcast