Interview: Otha Peters, Seattle Seahawks – The Broad Street Line Express – WPPM 106.5FM

22 July, 2017

The Broad Street Line crew sits down with Otha Peters, rookie LB for the Seattle Seahawks, as he counted down the days heading into his first NFL training camp. Peters discussed his award-winning college career, what it felt like to put on an NFL uniform for the first time, and what he intends to learn from the veterans on the Seahawks' defense. Listen to "Interview: Otha Peters, Seattle Seahawks - The Broad Street Line Express - WPPM 106.5FM" on Spreaker. [...]

Client Ty Ku, Partner Chris Lucas feat. in September Tasting Panel Magazine

11 October, 2015

Over the course of the year, Ty Ku sake has been aligning itself with a vastly under-tapped community of yogis as it pertains to spirits and practitioners.  TSE's Chris Lucas has been instrumental in managing the brand's immersion. “With its Après Yoga campaign, TY KU gave a name to something that is happening anyway—yogis hanging out with each other, sometimes in a bar—and celebrates them instead of shaming them,” says Chris Lucas, TY KU Yogic Relations Consultant. “Drinking in m [...]

Sit-Downs with Schottey: Buccaneers LB Danny Lansanah Making the Most of His Opportunity

22 September, 2015

Fan Duel Insider did a feature on Danny Lansanah's journey to his starting role on the Bucs' D. On the field, Lansanah is acting more than he’s simply reacting these days, and that’s a pretty solid metaphor for the changes he’s made off-the-field as well. He bore out a pretty interesting mantra when he said: “Nobody’s perfect, but you’ve gotta strive to be perfect.” You can read the full piece here. [...]

TSE Founder & Partner Keith Bulluck Named NFL Hall of Fame Class of 2016 Nominee

17 September, 2015

Transition co-founder Keith Bulluck is among the 103 modern era nominees in the 2016 Pro Football Hall of Fame class. Players five years retired are eligible for nomination. The list will next be trimmed to 25 semifinalist by selectors. Bulluck was drafted by the Tennessee Titans 30th overall in the 2000 NFL Draft after a standout career at Syracuse University. He was a three time NFL All-Pro (2002, 2003, 2007) and made the Pro Bowl in 2003. Keith led the Titans in tackles six times. In 2004 [...]

FanDuel Insider Takes a Look at TSE’s Work with Cody Latimer

08 September, 2015

Broncos WR Cody Latimer Making His Presence Felt On and Off the Field Coming out of Indiana, Latimer wasn’t the most sought-after prospect in the draft. Because the 22-year-old didn’t play at a college powerhouse and dealt with a foot injury heading into the draft process, many expected him to be selected in the fourth or fifth round.  Latimer’s agent, Ed Wasielewski, turned to Don Povia and the Transition Sports & Entertainment team to help generate exposure for the incoming [...]